About ICD-10 Compass

What is ICD-10 Compass?

ICD-10 Compass helps hospitals and health systems maximize resources and monitor progress throughout the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. Our technology and consulting services help you to:

  • Create a focused, coordinated plan
  • Base your transition efforts on risk and opportunities
  • Predict and monitor ICD-10’s impact on reimbursement and quality
  • Improve documentation and coding performance
  • ICD-10
  • Watch Ed Hock, our senior revenue cycle expert, share the most efficient, seemingly counterintuitive ways to prepare for the upcoming ICD-10 transition.

Our ICD-10 and Risk Management Services

Customized planning

Our ICD-10 consulting team helps you develop a customized transition plan and provides support as you:

  • Educate physicians, hospital executives, and other key staff on ICD-10
  • Assess ICD-10 preparedness
  • Identify and prioritize target areas for a streamlined risk management plan
  • Create a comprehensive ICD-10 transition project plan and budget

Business intelligence technology

Members use our data and analytics solution to:

  • Map ICD-9 codes to ICD-10
  • Focus physician and coder training on high-risk codes
  • Predict and address reimbursement at risk
  • Monitor reimbursement and quality after the ICD-10 transition
  • Benchmark performance against peers
  • Understand individual physician and coder performance

Outcomes-focused dedicated advisor

We pair every ICD-10 Compass member with a dedicated advisor, who serves as your educator and analyst to help extract maximum value from ICD-10 Compass. Dedicated advisors:

  • Identify immediate and long-term performance improvement opportunities
  • Regularly review your data to support gains and prevent backsliding
  • Share peer organizations’ stories and best practices
  • Train you to get the most out of ICD-10 Compass

Learn more about our dedicated advisors.

National cohort of like-minded hospitals and health systems

ICD-10 Compass members are part of a rapidly expanding national network of progressive hospitals and health systems that share strategies for succeeding in the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10.

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