What’s the state of your antibiotic stewardship program?

Findings from our antibiotic stewardship survey

The majority of hospitals are starting to invest in antibiotic stewardship programs, but our recent survey shows there's still plenty of work to be done.

Every year antibiotic-resistant bacteria infects two million people, causes 23,000 deaths, and costs the health care system as much as 20 billion dollars. CMS plans to propose that all hospitals must have an antibiotic stewardship program (ASP) in place by 2017 in order to participate in Medicare. That’s a pretty daunting time frameespecially when the CDC reports that only 42% of hospitals currently have a fully functional ASP in place.

Last fall, we surveyed our members to gauge the state of antibiotic stewardship programs nationwide. The good news is that a majority of respondents said their hospitals have already begun investing in programs. The bad news is that the survey uncovered plenty of roadblocks toward implementing these programs.  

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