Opioid vs. Multi-Modal Pain Regimens

Trends and Outcomes

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About the Webconference

With opioids under scrutiny for adverse events and the potential for long-term abuse, many providers are eager to learn more about multi-modal pain regimens, with some embracing IV Acetaminophen as a means to reducing opioid utilization. But to what extent does a less narcotic-heavy approach truly impact complications, length of stay, and reversal agent use, and what role does IV Acetaminophen play in realizing these benefits?

View this presentation to learn the results from a comprehensive, two-year analysis of over 400 hospitals’ utilization trends and outcomes, and how your organization may be able to save over $1M in avoidable costs.

You'll learn:

  • The impact of analgesic selection on hospital outcomes
  • The cost/benefit analysis of using IV Acetaminophen as part of a multi-modal regimen
  • Insight into how to prioritize changes to pain management order sets

Topics: Outcomes, Quality, Performance Improvement, Length of Stay, Efficiency, Utilization, Medication Administration, Patient Experience