About our technologies

Hardwire the best practices that work for you

Our technologies help members find and address their biggest opportunities by embedding best practices into operations. More than 2,000 hospitals use our performance technologies, and 65% of inpatient admissions flow through our systems.

How it works

Our performance technology memberships are more than just analytics platforms—they combine industry-leading data, technology powered by best practices, and dedicated support from a team of advisors.

Take a closer look at the core elements of our technology services to see what we offer:

Business intelligence technology

We offer a comprehensive and flexible technology platform designed to unify data from multiple domains and evolve with our members’ needs. Through our technology, we give members powerful insights about their performance and the opportunity to customize and hardwire best practices into every level of their organization.

Outcomes-focused dedicated advisor

We match every member with a dedicated advisor, who functions as both educator and analyst, helping members extract value from their investment. Dedicated advisors:

  • Identify immediate and long-term opportunities for improvement
  • Review member data to support performance gains and prevent backsliding
  • Share peer organizations’ stories and best practices
  • Ensure successful technology use
  • Conduct initial and ongoing training

National cohort of like-minded hospitals and health systems

Our members become part of a vast, collaborative network of progressive hospitals and health systems. The membership’s willingness to share best practices fuels the cohort’s ongoing progress.

See how we’re helping members achieve health system growth, reduce care variation, and manage the revenue cycle.

For many members, technology is just one way we help. We combine technology with strategic guidance from our research memberships and the hands-on support of our consulting and management team to address your most complex challenges.

Find your right fit

We offer performance technologies across health care’s most critical and complex functions:

Health system growth

Design and grow your organization

Planning 20/20
Get the analytics, business development guidance, and implementation support you need for a successful planning and business development enterprise. | Learn more

Crimson Market Advantage
Understand physician referral and performance patterns, the drivers of referral losses and gains, and the factors associated with physician loyalty. | Learn more

Audience Rx
Maintain a competitive edge with our consumer marketing and engagement technology, which turns today's clinical shoppers into your loyal patients. | Learn more

Attract and retain the digital health care consumer with an online platform that’s as smart as it is convenient. | Learn more

Provide best-in-class patient experience

iRound for Patient Experience
Improve the patient experience with technology that gathers satisfaction data in real time while automatically disseminating service recovery requests and providing intelligent dashboards. | Learn more

Build a high-performing ambulatory network

Crimson Medical Group Advantage
Gain visibility into all areas of medical group performance with a single platform that contains the tools and support to diagnose problems and implement solutions. | Learn more

Crimson Medical Referrals
Keep more referrals in network, across your entire network, by targeting referral coordination at the point of care. | Learn more

Care variation

Maximize the value of your EHR

Evidence-Based Guidance Consulting
Maximize your EHR to improve outcomes | Learn more

HCC Capture and Documentation Consulting
Engage clinicians to improve documentation, care delivery, and your bottom line | Learn more

Achieve seamless clinical alignment

Spend Performance Solutions
Collaborate with physicians, suppliers, and GPOs to realize hidden value across your spend portfolio. | Learn more

Surgical Profitability Compass
Identify and grow your surgical business, improve efficiency for and build partnerships with key surgeons, and fulfill the tracking and reporting requirements of emerging payment models. | Learn more

Crimson Continuum of Care
Achieve the physician alignment needed to advance quality goals and secure cost savings. | Learn more

Crimson Population Risk Management
Manage total cost and quality for defined populations—including self-insured employee plans—and inform risk-based contract negotiations with payers. | Learn more

Crimson Quality Reporting
Streamline your quality reporting across a wide range of standard measures for critical insight into quality opportunities. | Learn more

Quality Compass
Prevent CMS penalties and see better patient outcomes with automated tracking and reporting technology that provides critical quality information in the moment. | Learn more

Revenue cycle

Business Office Suite
Improve the health of your business office. | Learn more

Payment Navigation Compass
Grow POS collections and streamline patient access by estimating patient obligations, and automating authorization retrieval and eligibility screening. | Learn more

Payment Integrity Compass
Guarantee the profitability of your payer contracts, accurately predict your reimbursement rates, and easily recover lost revenue. | Learn more

Price Transparency Compass
Put price estimates in your patients' hands. | Learn more

Revenue Cycle Compass
Monitor patient and payer financial accounts and collections to keep adequate cash on hand, reduce time to payment, improve point-of-service collections, curb denials, and minimize late and lost charges. | Learn more

Revenue Optimization Compass
See your biggest opportunities to improve coding and documentation for increased revenue capture, fewer takebacks, and improved quality measures. | Learn more

Self-Pay Compass
Increase collections on self-pay accounts through strategic segmentation and eligibility screening. | Learn more