About our dedicated technology advisor model

Even the best technology falls short if you don’t know how to make the most of it. That’s why every Advisory Board Performance Technology comes with the support of a dedicated advisor.

If our technology memberships were gym memberships, our dedicated advisors would be personal trainers. They serve as data analysts, tool experts, best practice resources, networking facilitators, and performance improvement champions who are with you from day one.

“The other tool doesn’t come with a dedicated advisor. While there is an additional cost there, I think being able to have that resource and constant dialogue about the tool is a huge value-add that I haven’t seen with other vendors.”

—Sarah Ginnetti, director of revenue cycle at Day Kimball Hospital

That means as a member, you'll never have to hold for the next available technical support representative or rehash your organization's specific challenges—whenever you reach out, you'll talk to someone you know and who knows you well.

Our members explain the value of a dedicated advisor.

Data analysis and tool expertise

Our dedicated advisors know the ins and outs of our technology platforms, including how to analyze the data within them. They’ll teach you how to see the story behind the numbers and act on the opportunities you find.

Industry insight

Backed by more than 30 years of Advisory Board research and firsthand experience working with fellow tool users, your advisor pairs technology expertise with industry insights to help you improve performance.

Peer networking

When you invest in one of our Performance Technologies, you’re becoming part of a national network of like-minded hospitals and health systems. Your dedicated advisor is at the center of this network, ready to connect you with peers who have faced similar challenges or opportunities.

Performance improvement advocacy and accountability

You’ll never have to worry you're not maximizing the value of your tool—your dedicated advisor’s there to make sure you do. Each of our advisors works with only a handful of institutions, so they’re committed to your success. They’ll keep you engaged, hold you accountable for progress, and celebrate your successes like a member of your team.

Ready to join our network?

We'd love to have you. Connect with us to learn more about our Performance Technologies, set up a tool demo, or start your membership. Your dedicated advisor is waiting.