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Consumers are looking for information, convenience, and value from their health care experiences. Here we outline survey data form 4,000 health care consumers on their personal preferences and dig into some of the key takeaways from this study.

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3 critical reasons why member engagement strategies don't work

Although health plans have the ability to be a trusted companion who helps members navigate healthcare, many members don’t take advantage. Download our report that uncovers why members don’t trust their health plans and outlines the 3 themes our research says is critical to better Member Engagement: Immersion, Passion and Activation.


How to think about member engagement and craft strategies that work

In part two of a two-part series, we build upon survey data outlining why members don't trust health plans and propose a new concept for member engagement: Health Plan Diplomacy. Instead of asking, “How can we engage members?” we propose asking, “How can we change member behavior?”.


Case Studies - How two plans are acting on their members behalf

Learn how two health plans have taken the initiative to support their members. One through proactively helping members connect with Primary Care Physicians and another who teamed up with Lyft to make sure members get to their appointments.

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