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What “Amazon health care” could look like in five years

Tech Giants Amazon

Download this briefing to learn how investments from Amazon today might shape the future health care landscape. Our observations will help you plan for opportunities and challenges your medical affairs organization will face in the next five years. These insights are just one part of an ongoing series about what other tech giants are doing in the health care space in the next five years.

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Watch our 15-minute Eyeforpharma presentation on real-world evidence

Real-world evidence (RWE) is an industry buzzword that’s anything but new. Payers and providers use RWE to inform decisions every day. But evangelists and critics paint very different pictures of what RWE is and isn’t. Watch our Eyeforpharma presentation to learn:

  • Which customers are ready to accept RWE now—and why
  • Why customers are skeptical and how to address their concerns
  • What you can do to advance the RWE conversation now

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