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Download the briefing to learn what pay for performance is, get a breakdown of three P4P programs and the bonuses and/or penalties applied to a hospital’s Medicare reimbursement, and understand how these P4P programs are impacting hospitals.

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What are bundled-payment programs?

In part three of our five-part series, you’ll learn what bundled-payment programs are and get an introduction to the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BCPI) program, the BPCI Advanced program, and the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) program.

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Infographic: Field Guide to Medicare Payment Innovation

CMS's voluntary and mandatory payment innovation programs are accelerating the transition to accountable payment models. This infographic breaks down the 12 highest profile programs as of March 2020—learn how these programs disrupt the traditional fee-for-service business model.

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What are shared-savings programs?

In part four of our five-part series, you’ll learn what shared-savings programs are and how they work—and get an understanding the MSSP and the Next Generation ACO program.

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