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Health Plans 101 - Understanding Medicaid

Join us for this 30 minute session on September 25, 2018 , where we will review the basics of Medicaid. Approximately one out of every six Americans are covered by Medicaid, and nearly 75% of Medicaid beneficiaries are enrolled in privately-administered managed care programs. During this webconference we will discuss key features and the challenges health plans face while administering managed care plans.


3 critical member engagement issues that Health Plans need to understand

Although health plans have the ability to be a trusted companion who helps members navigate healthcare, many members don’t take advantage. Download our report that uncovers why members don’t trust their health plans and outlines the 3 themes our research says is critical to better Member Engagement: Immersion, Passion and Activation.


Want satisfied members? Check out this survey.

We asked nearly 5,000 consumers across the country which services would provide them the most value in staying healthy—and who they want these services from. You may be surprised at what they said.

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