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We gathered senior leaders in consumer experience and engagement from health plans across the nation to discuss their most pressing challenges in member engagement—and how they’re approaching solutions at their organizations.

In a lively conversation, executives shared their perspectives on the mistakes they’ve made, fears about new market entrants, and what they can change now to best serve members.

Read our five immediate takeaways and learn what your peers and colleagues are thinking when it comes to member engagement.


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Want satisfied members? Check out this survey.

We asked nearly 5,000 consumers across the country which services would provide them the most value in staying healthy—and who they want these services from. Among the top ten services members most want, members say they want their plan to be the one to help them choose the best insurance product, help them choose doctors, and help negotiate prices for medical services.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be, because it’s what you already do. The catch? You’re not getting the credit.

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Survey Data: Why members don't trust their health plans.

Although health plans have a wealth of insight and experience that could help members better navigate the health care system, many members are not interested. In this downloadable resource, we dive into survey data that highlights members concerns and outlines why traditional engagement strategies don't work.


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