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Our experts have sifted through volumes of literature on social determinants of health to create this concise report. Get the Advisory Board’s take on how health plans should address social determinants, and read through summaries of the publications that we think are worth a skim.

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Video: Learn more about LA Care’s approach to Social Determinants of Health

Determining how to tackle social determinants of health is not a simple undertaking. They are numerous and vast, each can be tackled in many different ways, and resources are limited. Check out LA Care’s story in this quick video.

Case Study: How two plans are acting on their members' behalf

Learn how two health plans have taken the initiative to support their members: one through proactively helping members connect with primary care physicians, and another who teamed up with Lyft to make sure members get to their appointments. Read the case study.

Home page: More about the Chief Medical Officer Roundtable

Chief Medical Officer Roundtable members have ongoing access to digests like this one. Each digest focuses on a high priority question, opportunity, or challenge facing today's health plan CMO. We summarize key insights—which may include thoughts on relevance, urgency, and value—on a particular issue, offer recommendations for your team, and provide an overview of recent publications on the topic. Browse our top resources.

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