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In this infographic, we review 5 practical tips plans can use to easily detect high-risk members.


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Video: Data-Driven care manger outreach improves high-risk pregnancy outcomes

Learn how one health plan used a care management strategy reduce costs, support pregnant moms, and bring healthier babies into the world. Watch the video here.

How Health Plan Partners saved $1.5M in 3 months by targeting
high-risk pregnancies early

When it comes to care management, early identification of a high-risk member could result in both a more healthy member and significant cost savings. While there are a great number of high-risk populations that health plans track, one particularly important population is expectant Mothers. Below, we delve into how Health Plan Partners (HPP) used data to identify their population of high-risk pregnancies and the care management program they created to provide proactive support. Learn more.

Presentation Slides: 6 ways to improve your care management program for high risk pregnancies

Our payer research team recently worked with a cohort of health plans to implement an innovative care management strategy targeting high-risk pregnancies. From this, we identified 6 ways to improve proactive outreach to your expectant mothers to support not only their health, but also the health of their babies. Download the slides here.

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