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10 Keys to an Efficient Post-Acute Episode: Part 2

This two-part briefing outlines how health systems can prepare for an efficient discharge process, while strengthening post-acute provider collaboration and effective patient management strategies following the hospital stay.

In part two, we delve into how to manage patients post-discharge to ensure their recovery, avoid unnecessary readmissions, and hardwire appropriate post-acute utilization.

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Complimentary Resource: Strategies to best prepare for a patient discharge

10 Keys to an Efficient Post-Acute Episode, Part 1. In part 1 of this 2-part series, learn how you and your organization can best prepare for an efficient discharge and cover areas such as evaluating CMS-enabled partnership opportunities, discharge strategy and planning tactics. Download the resource.

Blog Post: Which metrics should you use to evaluate your present PAC network?

Before actively collaborating with potential post-acute care (PAC) partners, hospitals should analyze the current status of its PAC relationships and its strategic needs with respect to post-acute care. Use our sample metrics to evaluate your network.

Case Study: Identifying generalist PAC partners to care for your high volume patient types

Learn how one health system built their preferred network through identifying and targeting post-acute providers who were best equipped to care for their high volume patient types. Read the case study.


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