Priming your revenue cycle for success as health care becomes more complex

Video series

Topics: Reimbursement, Finance, ICD-10, Coding, Revenue Cycle, Payer and Regulatory Policy, Clinical Documentation, Management Tools, Performance Improvement, Care Coordination, Methodologies, Risk Management, Quality

About the Series

Senior principal and revenue cycle expert James Green shares best practices for managing a successful revenue cycle.

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  • Four imperatives for navigating health insurance exchanges

    The health insurance exchanges are expected to add as many as 24 million new patients by 2016—which has big implications for your revenue cycle. James explains four tactics that can help your organization overcome insurance exchange challenges.

  • Conquering the new world of reimbursement: Part I

    Under new payment arrangements, your hospital will get paid only once a year. To manage this, you’ll need to optimize your care coordination to preserve existing revenue. Listen as James outlines tactics for improving your care coordination to succeed in a risk-based payment environment.

  • Conquering the new world of reimbursement: Part II

    Effective documentation is critical to maximizing your reimbursement—it ensures that you are getting paid for the care you provide and that your quality scores are accurate. Watch as James explains three methods for improving documentation.

  • Four steps to a smooth legacy system conversion

    It’s no surprise that replacing your legacy system can be an arduous task. But if you plan carefully and use your resources efficiently, you can ensure a successful transition. In this video, James outlines the characteristics of organizations that have done this best.