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  • How can we standardize workflow and increase point-of-service collections?
    • Organization: Floyd Health Care System, 325 beds, Rome, GA
    • Product(s): Patient Access Compass
    • Challenge:The lack of a streamlined and standard workflow to financially clear patients made point of service collections in the ER extremely challenging. Without a simple, efficient way for registrars to quickly check patient benefits, providing accurate patient estimates was a cumbersome and inconsistent process.
    • Solution:Patient Access Compass (PAC) allows the Floyd ER teams to quickly verify insurance and benefits for all patients, and subsequently provide them with an estimate for services as appropriate. Staff can engage in thoughtful conversations with patients regarding their estimates and answer questions in real-time.
    • Impact:Floyd saw a 35% increase in average monthly collections since PAC go-live with $134,000 in collections over baseline.
  • How do we strengthen margin performance by optimizing revenue cycle operations?
    • Organization: Goshen Health, 122 bed community hospital, Goshen, IN
    • Product(s): Payment Navigation Compass, Business Office Suite
    • Challenge:Amidst emerging pressures on margins and changes in the industry, Goshen sought to maximize and protect their revenue capture. Facing increases in both patient financial responsibility and payer scrutiny, revenue cycle performance seemed impossible to maintain, let alone strengthen.
    • Solution:Using Payment Navigation Compass (PayNav) and Business Office Suite (BOS), Goshen effectively prioritized when, from whom, and how much they collected; this lead to efficient deployment of people and technological resources.
    • Impact:Three years into their PayNav membership, Goshen has increased average monthly collections by over 135% every year, with a total improvement of 7262%. Goshen also continues to expand the value of their long-standing Self Pay Compass membership, recently uncovering a process inefficiency that led to $947K erroneously written off to bad debt.
  • How can we integrate a revenue recovery solution within an existing department workflow?
    • Organization: Stony Brook University Medical Center, Long Island, NY
    • Product(s): Payment Integrity Compass
    • Challenge:Stony Brook sought to develop a revenue recovery workflow solution to more efficiently recover lost revenue from payer underpayments and denials, as well as track staff efforts and payer trends. The system needed to seamlessly partner with their patient accounting system (PAS) and integrate with their entire business office workflow.
    • Solution:Stony Brooked partnered with Payment Integrity Compass (PIC) to create an integrated solution with their PAS. Workflow was designed to utilize account classification completed in the PAS. Accounts are automatically assigned to user worklists based off their classification, and reimbursement specialists use PIC to understand payer issues and recover lost revenue. Documentation is automatically sent back to the PAS to drive further workflow in the business office.
    • Impact:Stony Brook saw $1.3M dollars in documented appeals created in first 5 months with PIC and staff documented $483,000 in collections from appeal efforts.

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