Is an upgrade to digital X-ray right for your organization?

By Domenica Gilbert

When it comes to X-ray services, one question has recently become top-of-mind for many imaging directors and strategic planners: Should we upgrade to digital technology?

This question comes as a result of the 2016 Consolidated Appropriation Act. Among its provisions, the Act stipulates cuts to CMS reimbursement for X-ray scans performed on analog and computed radiography (CR) equipment—and some of those cuts start as soon as next year.

With multiple touch points across service lines, your imaging investment strategy can have broad downstream impact. Furthermore, there can be tens of thousands of dollars on the line, depending on the size of an organization's X-ray business and the equipment it currently uses.

To help you make the right decision, we identified the top four variables you should take into consideration, and detailed how you can use our new Digital X-Ray Upgrade Decision Support Tool to model the effects of these variables on your organization. Read more and get started below.

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