Advisory Board Solutions Partnerships

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This is a different kind of partnership.

We’re working with our members in a completely new way—one that’s changing us, our partners, and the face of health care.

It’s the Advisory Board Solutions Partnership.

Looking back, it makes so much sense.

Best practices. Technology. Leadership development. Consulting and management. We serve our members in all of these ways—for many members, in multiple ways.

But some members have come to us looking for more: an enterprise-level strategic partner to help them navigate the industry’s most transformational moment. They want one broad, deep, integrated source of support across their increasingly complex and interconnected challenges.

We started to think: What if we brought together all of our capabilities and set them against your biggest, boldest goals? What if we dedicated our executives to yours, put our experts on the ground with your teams, and aligned our incentives in innovative ways so we share in the risks and rewards of our work? What could we achieve then?

Our partnership with the MetroHealth System

Meet our first Solutions partner.

Take an inside look at the early stages of our work at the MetroHealth System in Cleveland, where we’re marshaling our expertise, technologies, and resources to improve the health of an entire community.

Learn more about our work at MetroHealth

Solutions as substantial as your goals.

We power every Solutions Partnership with a stack of integrated technologies and services. By combining clinical and financial analytics with performance blueprints, best practices, and expert guidance, we can create a sweeping net of support for every major performance challenge. Whether you’re protecting margin, sustaining growth, aligning with clinicians, or transitioning to value-based care, we design the right bundle of capabilities and services to get you there.

Support so customized, you’re the architect.

We customize each Solutions Partnership to the organization, giving you exactly the support you need. We work with you to tailor our scope of services and collaboration to your objectives, markets, and culture, and continuously adapt that support as your needs evolve.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder at every level.

There’s a reason our badges at MetroHealth say “Partner.” From the front line to the senior executive suite, we are in it together—in person. Led by executive-level sponsors, our Solutions team spends extensive time on site at your facilities to build relationships with your leaders and staff, remove obstacles to progress, and uncover hidden opportunities.

Change your teams can scale and sustain.

Improvement is hard—keeping it going is even harder. We’re committed to equipping every level of your organization with the skills and infrastructure to lead performance improvement, efficiently scale successful practices, and sustain their impact.

We transfer knowledge from our team to yours and implement technology to hardwire change. And we’re not interested in short-term strategies that yield quick results but ignore root causes. We’re focused on the long run.

A partnership built on mutual accountability.

Mutual accountability is essential to the Solutions Partnership model. We collaborate to set clear ROI metrics, so everyone defines value the same way, and performance-based contracts ensure we share risk for hitting timelines and outcome targets.

This type of partnership also depends on a commitment from you. Such transformative work requires engagement, collaboration, and time. It also requires trust—your openness to evaluation and new ideas, and your willingness to take on ambitious organizational change. We’re thinking big, and we’re asking you to think big with us.

Interested in learning more?

To speak with our team about the Advisory Board Solutions Partnership, please contact us.

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