Improving Patient Access to Care

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The Multidisciplinary Challenge of Improving Patient Access

Helping patients access health care is an age-old problem, but it’s also an ever changing one and was rated the #1 issue for CEOs in a recent Advisory Board survey. Though access is a top priority, there’s no playbook to follow, and designing an access-optimized infrastructure is a complex puzzle that keeps changing form.

In this presentation, Advisory Board’s Michele Molden and Lehigh Valley Health Network’s James Demopoulos discuss the multidisciplinary challenges of patient access. James also shares some of the specific tactics his organization used to improve access and patient experience across their network.

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Decisions by Analytics

Access to care in the ambulatory setting—the ability of patients to find and see an appropriate clinician, and have a satisfactory experience while doing so—is a foundational building block of ambulatory strategy. While there are several well-established high-level performance metrics within broad access-to-care categories, many organizations do not have access to a balanced set of indicators within these categories that allow them to correctly target interventions and achieve best practice performance.

In this recording, Advisory Board experts Rose McManus and Eric Emrey share our new technology for tracking and taking action on our best practice suite of access-to-care metrics, such as capacity and yield indicators. You’ll see a preview of a new platform that allows you to manage performance on an ongoing basis, and have the opportunity to provide feedback on the platform.

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Transforming Patient Access to Care

A persisting struggle of today’s health care reality is getting patients in the door at a time that works for their schedules. To truly advance patient access to care in the ambulatory setting, many organizations require a radical shift in in their vision and approach.

Advisory Board and Einstein Healthcare Network partnered to redefine access to care for Einstein’s patients through a rigorous assessment of their capabilities and challenges and robust implementation model. Their new access model flips conventional scheduling theory on its side and sidesteps traditional barriers to timely care.

In this recording, Renuka Sundaresan, Einstein’s Director of Patient Access, and Advisory Board engagement partners will share the operational and analytical journey they took to realize significant improvements across Einstein’s patient access metrics and expand access across the health network.

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