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Advancing access, diversity, and inclusivity in clinical trials

Clinical trials represent one of the few -and most powerful- opportunities to improve health equity upstream of patient care. And it’s ripe for disruption as Covid-19 not only accelerated innovation, but also shone a light on the lack of diversity, accessibility, and inclusivity of trials. There is an opportunity for the health care ecosystem to seize this unique moment in history to make meaningful and durable changes to the clinical trials enterprise. Let’s make the most of it.

Advisory Board is hosting a cross-industry workshop on August 25th focused on this important issue. The session will draw leaders from across the entire health care ecosystem including life sciences companies, patient advocacy groups, digital health firms, and academia.

The session will seek to uncover:

  • What has changed in the last 1-3 years that could help or hinder increased access, diversity, and inclusivity
  • What needs to change if we are to capitalize on the right opportunities, and what makes this difficult
  • The role of various stakeholders in enabling change, either alone or in partnership

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