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Welcome to the Workforce Best Practice online—your source for the latest and greatest research, expert commentary, events, tools, and more. is just one of the ways to get value from your membership. To help take full advantage of your membership, our team outlined the tips below.

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Every quarter

Update your Advisory Board dedicated advisor with your current initiatives, challenges, and any new projects           your team is working on. You can do this via email or schedule a reoccurring quarterly call.

Hold a “lunch and learn” session for your team to watch a webinar, discuss a new study, or use an
     assessment tool. Consider asking a research expert to join the session virtually to answer questions.

Every year

Attend our Workforce Executive Roundtable. Sign up early to secure a seat at your preferred location.

Invite an Advisory Board expert to come to your organisation and present best practices to address a challenge
     your organisation is facing.

Ensure new leaders and staff have access to

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