Webconference Recording

Locking in crisis-driven care innovation

About the Webconference

In light of the very real possibility of subsequent waves of covid-19, we need to be able to lock in what we have learned about new ways of working and potential crisis-driven improvements in care delivery. At the same time, we likely need to revisit existing protocols and pathways for non-covid related procedures to ensure they are as robust and actionable as possible in the face of potential surges of demand for non-covid-related issues.

Things You'll Learn:

  • Establish a central ‘pathway engineering team’ with little or no investment, to enable ‘top of license’ clinical support and leadership for protocol development without turning already stretched clinical teams into project managers
  • Develop a simple tool to evaluate ‘implementation readiness’ of multiple sites and partners with whom we need to implement new protocols
  • Ensure regular learning sessions with frontline teams to understand blocks to protocol implementation and ways in which they can be removed in time for any surges