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"The Advisory Board is the premier organization for synthesizing and publishing current data and information about best practices in health care; I use the Daily Briefing first and foremost and then navigate to related articles within and outside of the website. I cannot think of another organization that pulls things together as well as or as rapidly as the Advisory Board does. I have utilized the Oncology Roundtable publications to guide clinical practice, staffing, and for system/process improvement; it saves an incredible amount of time and aides in briefing executives about issues."

—Nurse Manager

"The Daily Briefing is a place to get all types of information. It is the one email I read every day and I can’t say that about a lot of emails from outside companies. It is so relevant to health care in general. It is the news of the day; my newspaper!"


"Every one of the resources I’ve seen from you has been exceptional. Your materials are always useful, timely, and right on the money."

—Health System President 

"ABC lets me know what is going on in the world, and it is incredibly helpful. It is nice to talk to someone who has a broader picture of the industry because it is so easy to get trapped in your own world and not know what else is going on out there."

—Executive Director, Cardiology and Vascular Services

"I had no money to play with, and then found that I could not afford to ‘not’ join the Roundtable.”

—Vice President, Cardiovascular Services

"You have one of the greatest databases of hospital best practices and strategies I have ever seen. I consider the Board one of the first places to look whenever my hospital is facing an operational challenge."

—Chief Executive Officer, Western European university hospital

“Every time I get a new project thrown my way lately, it seems I check in with HCAB for your resources—you are becoming an extension of my department.”

—Vice President, Business Development, Midwestern health system

"We do greatly value our relationship with the Advisory Board, and we really do look to you to give us the best practices. We hold up those best practices like we hold up the Bible, and we are citing them."

—Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Western hospital

"Your Capital Prioritization Toolkit produced the same results that we originally paid a consultant thousands of dollars to come up with. What an incredible resource!"

—Vice President, Strategic Planning

"We set up a Spine Center of Excellence using your study; it was like our Bible and mandatory reading for all involved."

—Vice President, Hospital Services 

"I cannot thank you and the Advisory Board enough. Your help has been a huge time and energy saver. I feel like I have found a wonderful resource and look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you again."

—Nursing Retention Associate, Eastern health system

"Lots of great ideas, suggestions that I can take and implement. As always, excellent, up-to-date information that is applicable in real time."

—Director, Emergency Department, Eastern hospital

“The Advisory Board provides me with national health care trends, benchmarking data, research, and strategic forecasting tools for cancer that are essential to ensuring that my service line is the best it can be. I have utilized the tools available to justify program expansion, including technology, equipment and staff, and I depend on valuable information from the Oncology Roundtable to complete annual business planning. The staff at the Advisory Board are easily accessible and if I can't find an answer, I know they can!”

—Director of Cancer Services