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How one hospital reduced its robotic surgery turnover time by 30% at no cost

Vik Srinivasan, Technology Insights

Time is money in the operating room, and for hospitals with a robotic program, longer robotic procedures means a lot of additional cost.

Many robotic programs we work with are reaching capacity on their existing robots and thinking about how to optimize use of their existing technology before spending millions of dollars on additional robots. Among other tactics, programs are taking a close look at room turnover time to figure out how they can fit more cases onto their existing robot.

Reducing OR turnover via simultaneous processes

The JPS Health Network in Fort Worth, TX achieved particularly dramatic results—reducing turnover time from 30 to 21 minutes in a year.

Administrators at JPS Health Network said implementing simultaneous processes for OR setup helped them reduce their room turnover time. Rather than performing set-up processes sequentially, administrators encouraged staff to think about how processes could be integrated and performed simultaneously. For instance, the program opens disposable equipment packages and brings the patient into the room at the same time.

Sharing metrics with staff helped promote engagement

Another tactic administrators highlighted was their decision to share the efficiency metrics they were already tracking (e.g. number of late starts, how many procedures had to be cancelled due to slow turnover, how many staff had to stay late, estimated costs of slow turnover) with their nurses and techs to show them the quantitative impact of inefficient processes.

By framing OR efficiency around metrics staff care about such as being able to leave work on time, the hospital said they were able to increase staff engagement in OR efficiency.

Next Steps

The tactics discussed in this post are applicable not just for robotics programs, but for OR turnover in general. Sharing efficiency metrics with staff can be a great way to cement team buy-in on improving performance.

If your program is interested in optimizing robotics OR turnover, Technology Insights can help. Contact your Dedicated Advisor to access our research on tactics for boosting robotics OR efficiency or to set up a customized assessment for your program.