Structural Heart Disease Program Development

Learn how four progressive organizations are creating programs to treat structural heart disease.

Hear about the latest developments in structural heart disease and ways to treat it.

Then, explore four case studies to learn how progressive organizations are building dedicated programs that are utilizing multidisciplinary care models and establishing strong referral partnerships.

What you'll learn

Structural heart disease (SHD) is a growing cardiovascular sub-service, supported by the early clinical success of therapies like transcatheter aortic valve replacements (TAVR). This briefing provides guidance on best practices for hospitals and health systems considering structural heart as an area for program expansion.

The brief begins with an overview of major structural heart diseases and therapies, including the financial and market opportunities associated with TAVR and other structural heart technologies. It then offers insights into SHD program development, profiling four leading structural heart programs and their strategies for building a multidisciplinary care model and establishing strong referral partnerships.

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