Case study: Heart failure program development

Learn how we helped one institution prepare for its HF population needs

In today’s changing health care environment, developing a successful program requires shrewd strategic planning, strong coordination, and a flexible infrastructure to adapt accordingly. For many programs, this is especially challenging for complex, chronic patient populations such as heart failure (HF). 

Service Line Strategy Advisor can save you time, help you distill and prioritize development objectives, and arm you with actionable strategies to achieve each one. See how we helped one institution prepare accordingly for their HF population needs.

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Case in brief: Groveland Health*

  • With a rapidly growing HF population in its market, Groveland sought to establish an integrated HF center and brand it as a “center of excellence"
  • Program leaders were overwhelmed by the population's resource-intensive nature and infrastructural needs for running a sustainable program
  • Service Line Strategy Advisor partnered with Groveland to prioritize and execute program development initiatives


Our steps for creating a strategic plan:


Contextualize strengths and development areas
Our approach: Conducted in-depth interviews with stakeholders to evaluate program performance
Result: Benchmarked program progressiveness under four major components: program infrastructure, care pathway management, clinical offerings, and regionalization strategy


Provide direct recommendations for future strategy
Our approach: Synthesized observations with program expertise to distill actionable priorities for program development
Result: Outlined near-, mid-, and long-term goals within each component, and provided integration recommendations


Deliver tactics to facilitate care continuum management
Our approach: Build on key insights with a tactical guide to accomplish the program’s most pressing action items
Result: Gave detailed actionable strategies for program improvement with regards to HF staff structure, protocol standardization, follow-up care, and branding

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