Strategic planning has gotten increasingly complex over the past decade. With countless stakeholders to consider, growing uncertainty, and limited resources, it’s now more important than ever to get your strategy right.

That’s why we help strategy executives, planning leaders, and clinical service directors across the globe set and execute strategy at the service line level.

Service Line Advisor is an international membership which provides access to an array of research and a team of global service line experts. Our researchers focus on five core service lines and clinical areas: oncology, cardiovascular, ambulatory, behavioural health, and geriatrics, with additional expertise in general surgery, orthopaedics, neurosciences, women’s health, imaging.

What our members say

“Service Line Advisor has become my thought partner, and I regularly turn to the team for support and dialogue. I appreciate that I can bring up my current priorities and get feedback and assistance as I go.”

-Director of Strategy
Health system in Australia

Membership Features


Best Practice Research

Access proven tactics from progressive programmes around the world to design best practice clinical services.

Expert Consultations

Speak with our experts to get guidance on your most pressing challenges across our core service line research areas.


Get facilitated access to our network of 4,400+ member health care organisations across the globe.

Strategic Document Reviews

Send us your strategy documents and service line business plans, and we’ll provide an expert critique and recommended next steps.

Strategic Planning Templates and Tools

Access detailed guides to accelerate your strategy planning efforts across clinical services. 

Service Line Market Trends

Stay up to date on key trends that may impact your strategy, and use ready-to-present slides to share this intel with your team. 

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Service Line Advisor is available to those outside the United States