Results from the 2013 Accountable Payment Survey

The state of risk-based payment—and how industry leaders expect to transition

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What You'll Learn

Today’s hospital and health system leaders face a daunting challenge: to manage deteriorating financial conditions amid a transition to risk-based payment models. Finance executives in particular are considering when and how to move toward accountable payment models, which include total cost of care (shared savings and capitation), bundled payment, and pay-for-performance.

Timing this transition is essential. Health systems that move too quickly toward risk-based payments will be unable to transform clinical care to reduce unnecessary utilization—and those that move too slowly may cannibalize their existing fee-for-service revenue as clinicians work to keep patients out of the hospital.

Hear select results from the 2013 Accountable Payment Survey, including:

  • Information about the current state of risk-based contracting
  • Where providers expect to be in five and ten years—and how quickly they’re moving to get there
  • Strategic and operational imperatives for executing on risk-based contracts

Presenter: Sarah Gabriel

Topics: Around the Nation, Finance, Strategy