Get patients to use your portal

Get patients to use your portal

Learn about "must-have" features and key imperatives to increase patient portal utilization.

Portals are not 'build it and they will come'

Successful attestation to Stage 2 of meaningful use requires that 5% of patients actively use your portal—so it's important that you design this technology in a thoughtful way. This poster presents lessons learned from other organizations designing and rolling out their portal technologies.

Must-have design features include:

  • Secure messaging with providers
  • Access to test results, immunizations, medications, and allergies
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Account review and bill pay functions
  • Online patient education materials
  • Family access

Unfortunately, patient portals don't follow the theory of "build it and they will come." To increase portal utilization by patients, you'll need to appoint a "portal leader" to guide your strategy, turn physicians into portal advocates, incorporate features that maximize patient convenience, and think about how to leverage every patient contact to promote portal use.

Download the poster to learn more about these imperatives as well as four patient turnoffs that could hinder your efforts.

Download the poster

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