Care Transitions Mapping Tool

Understand post-discharge relationships between acute and post-acute care partners

Use the Care Transition Mapping ToolThe Care Transitions Mapping Tool provides insights on patient movement between acute and post-acute providers within 30 days of discharge from the acute care setting, including readmissions performance.

Use this data to better understand post-discharge relationships between acute and post-acute care partners, how these relationships may impact coordination, and where your opportunities are to forge new partnerships that improve outcomes and reduce cost of care.

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    • Define a market through county selection

    • Select up to 10 counties

  • • Medicare market share volumes for acute and post-acute providers

    • Provider-specific acute inpatient discharge patterns

    • Acute and post-acute shared patient breakdowns

    • Geographic display of acute inpatient discharge patterns

  • • Post-acute and long-term care executives

    • Clinical and business development leaders

    Please note that the intent of this tool is to support improvements in provider coordination between sites to reduce readmissions and overall cost of care for Medicare patients. Our firm does not endorse use of this tool for any other purposes, or sharing of data with non-providers.

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