What Your Frontline Staff Really Need to Know About Value-Based Post-Acute Care

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About this Webconference

The post-acute care industry looks very different than it did five years ago. Reimbursement changes, rising patient acuity and complexity, and new acute care partnership strategies are reshaping how care is delivered in post-acute settings.

The key to success during a time of constant change is having a committed staff who are invested and excited about moving the organization forward. It’s difficult for staff to be excited when it seems change is occurring and they don’t understand why—especially for frontline staff, who deliver direct care to patients and residents.

The first half of this session will discuss the challenges in driving frontline staff understanding of and investment in organizational strategy. The second half will deliver—in frontline-friendly terms—the information frontline staff need to know about how post-acute care is changing, and what it means for them.

Presenter: Monica Westhead

Additional Resources

Guide to Frontline Staff Education Resources

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“What You Really Need To Know About Value-Based, Post-Acute Care” for Frontline Staff

This 30-minute presentation adapts the explanation of critical changes in the post-acute care industry described in the leadership webconference above for a frontline staff audience. It identifies the major forces and changes that impact frontline staff roles, and explains the positive impact that frontline staff can make on patient care as a result.

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Three things direct patient care staff need to know

Understanding the rapidly changing post-acute market can seem overwhelming—but it doesn’t have to be.

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Post-Presentation Materials

Access a list of suggested questions to facilitate conversation between frontline staff and managers after presenting “What You Really Need To Know About Value-Based, Post-Acute Care."

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Topics: Nursing, Workforce, Strategy