Crafting a Telehealth Strategy for Population Health

This white paper offers:

  • Strategies for enterprise-wide telehealth deployment
  • National telehealth regulatory and growth trends
  • Common stumbling blocks for telehealth initiatives
  • An overview of common telehealth platforms
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Executive Summary

Telehealth has rapidly grown from a tool used primarily to overcome regional physician shortages and access challenges to a critical component of care management.

Telehealth is a multidimensional tool that can be used for asynchronous, real-time, and continuous communication.

Established technologies include “store and forward,” such as having a remote physician interpret radiology exams, live consultations, such as patient-controlled monitoring devices, and remote monitoring, or consultations done in real time. A fourth category—mobile health—has also emerged, as providers start using mobile apps to track specific metrics and promote patient engagement.

Today, hundreds of vendors offer telehealth products that range from simple videoconferencing software to hospital unit-wide monitoring systems. So how do you choose the right products for your organization?

Our white paper explores the range of platforms available in today’s market and how they complement one another across the care continuum. Learn common pitfalls when deploying telehealth system-wide and why you should base your decisions on your organization's clinical needs, available staff, growth strategy, and existing vendor relationships.

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