All roads lead to the medical home

Benefits of medical home investment under different payment scenarios


Take a closer look at one model that can generate benefits under all payment scenarios.

The ROI of the medical home

Fee for service. Pay for performance. Shared savings. Regardless of the current risk environment for your organization, there’s one model that can generate benefits under all payment scenarios: the medical home.

Get a taste of what the ROI of medical home transformation could look like for your organization.


Help for your medical home strategy

Population Health Advisor is a new program that provides customized, on-demand guidance to help you set and carry out your care transformation strategy.

Working collaboratively with the chief transformation officer's team, we conduct quantitative and qualitative analyses to help you prioritize population health management investments and develop initiative-specific action plans.

We cover everything from post-acute care to payer relations to the medical home and more. Want to learn more? Email Ryan Miller at

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