How fit is your care management staffing model?

How fit is your care management staffing model?

Effective care management starts with your staff. Learn how our custom assessments can help you ask the right questions of the right people, find the best opportunities for improvement, and turn insights into action.

Most population health managers agree that developing their care management workforce is their top investment area. However, that doesn’t mean hiring a new team—successful organizations transition existing staff to new roles, implement training programs, and promote high performers.

Our custom assessments can help you address gaps and redundancies in your workforce, revise job descriptions and roles, and improve reporting relationships and care management accountability.


Help for your population health strategy

Population Health Advisor provides customized, on-demand guidance to help you set and carry out your care transformation strategy.

Working collaboratively with the chief transformation officer's team, we conduct quantitative and qualitative analyses to help you prioritize population health management investments and develop initiative-specific action plans. Ask us about our custom assessments.

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