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Understanding Care Management's Patient Engagement Challenge

How to Engage Patients 101: Session 1 of 3

About the Webconference

Patient engagement is critical to success under population health management. After all, even a perfect business model, operational model, or clinical model can be toppled if patients cannot control their clinical conditions. Today half of American adults have at least one chronic condition – and half of those have poor rates of medication adherence. To achieve success under population health management, providers develop short-term active programs that equip patients for ongoing self-management.

Best in class systems design patient engagement strategies that are hardwired into workflows and scalable across large groups. First, each member of the care team has a discrete role with concrete objectives. Next, care management teams prioritize real-world education focused on building new skills. Finally, short-term active management steps help set up patients for successful ongoing management.

This presentation is the first of a three-part series focused on the patient engagement challenge. In this session, we provide an introduction to the three key phases of patient engagement: Recruit to Care Management; Equip Patients to Change Behaviors; and Graduate to Self-Management.

What You'll Learn:

  • Strategies to hardwire the patient engagement process into your organization
  • How to improve patient education to focus on real-world skill building

Presenter: Petra Esseling