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Partnering with Patients on Care Plan Next Steps

How to Engage Patients 101: Session 3 of 3

About the Webconference

The growing trend towards value has placed an emphasis on patient-centered care. However, innovations in care coordination and delivery are not successful without a key component: patient engagement. Without activated patients, transitions gaps, readmissions, and poor outcomes are more likely to occur.

This webconference is the conclusion to our three-part bootcamp series on patient engagement. The first two sessions provided an overview of the patient engagement challenge and reviewed the building blocks for better communication between the patient and the care team.

However, to ensure patients are well equipped to form new self-care habits, providers must invite them to be active participants in their care plan—from goal setting through graduation. This session reviews two critical skills care team members can use to empower patients in their care plan: motivational interviewing and shared-decision making.

What You'll Learn:

  • The basics of motivational interviewing, including the OARs technique
  • Which staff roles should own shared decision making
  • Which patients should be prioritized for shared decision making

Presenter: Darby Sullivan