Webconference Recording

Peer Perspectives: How EMS and Hospice Can Partner on End-of-Life Care

A Discussion with Mount Sinai Health System, New York Mobile Integrated Healthcare Association, and Visiting Nurse Service of New York

About the Webconference

For some patients on hospice, sudden changes in their health condition can lead to 911 calls, avoidable ED visits, and significant health care costs. As a result, patients may receive unwanted treatments, leading to revocation of their hospice status and subsequent non-reimbursed costs for hospice agencies.

In this webconference, we will explore innovative new partnerships between EMS organizations and hospice agencies that aim to improve care coordination for hospice patients, reduce unwanted ED visits, and decrease overall cost of care.

Dr. Kevin Munjal, Associate Director of Prehospital Care at Mount Sinai Health System and Chair of the New York Mobile Integrated Healthcare Association, and Dr. Ritchell Dignam, Hospice Consultant at Visiting Nurse Service of New York, will also offer their expert perspective on these types of partnerships.

You'll learn:

  • Strategies to build and foster partnerships between EMS and hospice
  • Staffing and protocols for community paramedicine programs that support hospice patients
  • Potential funding models to ensure the sustainability of these programs

Presenters: Eric Sun (Senior Analyst, the Advisory Board), Dr. Kevin Munjal (Mount Sinai Health System and New York Mobile Integrated Healthcare Association), and Dr. Ritchell Dignam (Visiting Nurse Service of New York)