Webconference Recording

Pediatric Behavioral Health: How to Improve Primary Care Coordination and Increase Access

About the Webconference

The CDC estimates that nearly $247 billion is spent annually on the treatment and management of childhood mental disorders. Further, pediatric patients and caregivers often struggle to access high-quality behavioral health expertise due to a limited number of specialists and fragmented approaches to behavioral health services.

Given the growing costs and increasing difficulty in obtaining care, coordinated models of behavioral health can address the dire need for distributed pediatric behavioral health expertise.

In this webconference, we'll review the case for improving coordination between behavioral health and pediatrics, and describe four successful models that increase access to behavioral health care.

You'll get:

  • An overview of models that improve access to pediatric behavioral health expertise, ranging from coordination to integration
  • A review of the major trends in pediatric behavioral health, including current market demand and gaps in care
  • Details of four innovative case studies that highlight the beneficial financial and clinical impacts of coordinated care

Presenter: Jasmaine McClain