Webconference Recording

More Than Comfort: How Home-Based Care Can Deliver on Cost and Quality Goals

About the Webconference

The ongoing trend toward value-based care has spurred significant innovations in home-based care. In a continued effort to provide high-quality, lower-cost care, pioneer organizations are now providing care traditionally delivered in hospitals and nursing homes in the home setting.

And because the home setting is also where many patients experience costly gaps in care as they transition from other settings or try to self-manage their condition, leading organizations have developed models to deliver wrap-around support at home.

Join us to learn more about how these innovations help organizations meet the goals of value-based care by treating patients in a lower-cost setting, reducing avoidable utilization, and improving the quality of care.

We'll discuss:

  • Trends in home-based care and opportunities for providing care in lower-cost, lower-acuity care settings
  • Case studies on in-home acute care services, in-home nursing services, transitional care, and advanced illness management
  • Operational details for each program profiled including staffing, target patient population, use of technology, coordination with other services, and funding/reimbursement and program outcomes