Perfecting Medical Group Dashboard Design

Using Data to Elevate the Performance of Independent Physician Organizations

This study provides the tools to help executives build actionable, well-designed dashboards and six lessons for maximizing data-driven insight.

Executive Summary

A critical tool in the transition to value

It’s time to revisit dashboards and reinvent their value. The transition from fee-for-service to value-based care requires radical, transformative change, and strong executive dashboards are essential to ensuring medical group leaders have an accurate understanding of their group’s performance.

In addition, consolidation within the physician marketplace and the widespread implementation of electronic health records are gradually eliminating barriers to successful dashboard application. Unlike claims data, EHR information comes directly from physicians and practice staff at the point of care, improving the timeliness and defensibility of performance data.

Communicate value to multiple audiences

Progressive medical groups are harnessing dashboard initiatives to more effectively demonstrate value to all stakeholders. The dashboard helps translate how the medical group’s work and performance affects each constituency.

Principled frameworks for metric selection and dashboard design

Executive dashboard development is deceptively complex. This report highlights three key imperatives for success.

  • Be highly selective and disciplined when picking metrics, limiting the dashboard to 12–24 critical core performance indicators that reflect top organizational goals.
  • Apply similar rigor to dashboard aesthetics by organizing and presenting the performance data for quick and easy comprehension.
  • Maximize dashboards’ staying power— and foster a culture focused on datadriven performance—by embedding dashboards into existing management processes and cascading them down the leadership chain to individual physicians.

By reading this study, members will learn about:

  • Ways to more tightly align physicians with organizational strategy
  • Tools for demonstrating medical group value to partner organizations and board members
  • A proven framework for selecting dashboard indicators—and a vetted list of 100 metrics

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