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Putting Access in Physician Terms

December 2019

Oftentimes, when medical group leaders talk to physicians about patient access, physicians hear “more work and less control.” Rather than talk to physicians about “access,” appeal to their clinical and business interests. Use these slides to socialize access expansion with your physicians and win their support for your group’s access goals.

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The Case for Shared Decision Making

April 2018

Patients increasingly want to play a more active role in their health care decisions. In fact, over 80% of patients believe it is highly important for their physician to always involve them in decisions about their treatment. With consumerism giving patients more choice in provider than ever before, it is critical that medical groups deliver on this growing demand for shared decision making. Review these slides with the physicians in your practice to help them understand why shared decision making is important and demonstrate some Advisory Board shared decision making tools they can use in their patient visits.

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Why Physicians Should Talk to Patients About Cost

Talk about Cost

January 2018

As deductibles rise, patients are asking more questions about the cost of treatment. Many physicians believe talking to patients about cost will strain the doctor-patient relationship, but 80% of patients think physicians should discuss treatment costs with them in advance. Review these slides with the physicians in your practice to help them understand their role in financial conversations with patients, and how talking about cost can ultimately support improved patient outcomes.

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Pulse Check on Price Sensitivity

pulse check on price sensitivity

November 2015

Understand the trend of price sensitivity in health care, including what's happening with each major player—patients, payers, employers, etc.—and what all of this means for us.

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How Consumers Select Primary Care and Specialist Physicians

How Consumers Select Primary Care and Specialist Physicians

June 2015

Explore data from two recent national consumer surveys the Advisory Board conducted to provide visibility into the characteristics patients seek from both primary care physicians and specialists.

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Governance and Operations

The Case for Care Team Redesign


February 2020

Introduce your group to a new approach to care team redesign and discuss the ROI for various care team roles, including: APPs, MAs, RNs, pharmacists, and behavioral health specialists.

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Introduction to Board Service


August 2019

Help new board members understand the role and responsibilities of the board at an independent medical group. These ready-to-use slides also include tips for effective contribution to board meetings and resources to support ongoing board education.

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Pulse Check on Group Culture

May 2019

Building a strong, integrated culture is an evergreen priority for physician executives. But it can be hard to talk to group stakeholders about culture when it feels so intangible. Use these slides to distill culture into actionable elements and pinpoint your group’s cultural strengths and opportunities for improvement.

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Evolving Independent Medical Group Governance

October 2018

Learn the six essential elements of a physician group board that serves group-wide interests, focuses on governance rather than management, and efficiently executes its role.

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Unlock More Value from Your Advanced Practice Providers

September 2018

Learn the four components of a scalable, high-value APP model and assess how effectively your group uses APPs.

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Market Strategy

Health Care Workforce Trends

Health Care Workforce Trends

March 2020

Use these slides to update your team on the latest trends in the health care workforce and discuss how they impact your medical group’s staffing strategy.

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What is burnout, and how do we combat it?


July 2019

Understand the causes of physician burnout and facilitate a discussion on how to remedy them at your group.

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A Brief Review of Key Health Care Industry Trends From 2018

April 2019

Use these slides to overview trends in the health care landscape and discuss the implications for independent medical groups.

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Mastering Physician Recruitment in an Increasingly Competitive Market

July 2018

Discuss the current market for physician recruitment and how your group can bolster its recruiting strategy to better attract top talent.

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Overview of the Strategic Capital Partnerships Landscape: Private Equity Firms and National Practice Companies

October 2017

Practice aggregation in the independent medical group market is on the rise. Use these slides to review the strategic partnership landscape with your board and discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks of partnering with a private equity firm or national practice company.

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How Medicare will pay physicians in 2020

January 2020

Update your group on the latest changes to physician payment in 2020, including: E/M visit codes, new care management billing opportunities, and updates to the Quality Payment Program.

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Unpacking Medicare's Chronic Care Management Codes

August 2018

Explore the benefits and challenges associated with billing for Medicare’s Chronic Care Management codes.

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What Outpatient Shift Might Mean for Your Business

June 2018

We are seeing an uptick in services shifting to outpatient settings. This can be both good and bad news for your medical group’s bottom line. Use these slides to learn which services are at the greatest risk and what market factors impact this shift so your board can appropriately respond to this trend.

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Telehealth Update

Telehealth update

March 2018

Telehealth is on the list of organizational priorities for many medical groups given its potential to deliver faster, less expensive, and more convenient care. However, an uncertain reimbursement outlook has made it difficult for many groups to know which telehealth services to prioritize. Use these slides to review the outlook for telehealth reimbursement in Medicare and to prompt discussion on how to focus your investments in telehealth to support group strategy.

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Understanding CMS’s Site Neutral Payment Provision


September 2016

Understand how this provision came to be, get details on CMS’s finalized plan for implementing this provision in 2017, and learn key implications for independent medical groups.

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Risk Strategy

A Primer on CMS’ Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) Coding

June 2019

Learn why precise HCC coding is crucial for your patients and bottom line, and how to simplify and improve coding across your practice.

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A Primer on Accountable Care Payment Models

February 2019

Use these slides to educate your physicians about the transition to value-based care with a brief review of new payment models including: pay-for-performance, shared risk, bundled payments, and capitation.

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Pulse Check on Medicare Advantage

June 2017

The GOP has indicated on several occasions their support for Medicare Advantage and its growth. This commitment is further underscored by the recent release of MA payment rates, which will increase MA revenue by 2.95% in 2018. Help your group understand the current state of the MA market.

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Evaluating Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) Participation

Evaluating Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) Participation

April 2017

With MSSP application deadlines for 2018 quickly approaching, these slides help groups evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of participating in each of the four tracks within MSSP, particularly for physician-only ACOs.

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CMS’s Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) Program

Five Provider Categories Created Under MACRA

Updated August 2016

Find out what CPC+ is, how it compares to CMS’s previous Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative (CPCI) program, and some of the key implications for independent medical groups seeking to get involved in the model.

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CMS's Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) Model

What's Included in the CJR Bundle

April 2016

Find out where independent medical groups fit into the recently launched Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) mandatory bundled payment program.

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Key Program Attributes of the Next Generation ACO Model

Next-Generation ACO Model

May 2015

Learn about key features of the new risk-based payment program and how it differs from the existing Medicare ACO models.

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