Five ways independent medical groups can engage patients to grow medicare advantage

Medicare Advantage is profitable for independent medical groups and is growing. In fact, based on CMS’ most recent payment updates, MA revenue is expected to increase by 2.95% in 2018. Further, recent projections predict the number of MA enrollees will grow to 30 million beneficiaries by 2025, or nearly 40% of all Medicare patients.

Whether your group works with one plan, or multiple plans one thing is clear: MA is a valuable investment. We recently talked to several independent medical group leaders about their approaches to engaging traditional Medicare patients in MA.

Our top takeaway? Aggressive marketing tactics are not reserved for independent medical groups that have exclusive or owned MA plans. In fact, some groups that work across multiple MA plans are investing heavily in patient engagement campaigns.

From our conversations we compiled the five most interesting and effective patient engagement strategies for driving MA growth.

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