The Evolving Role of the CMO

An Analysis of Survey Data and Strategies for Rightsizing the Role

By reading this white paper, members will learn:

  • The impact of health care transformation on the CMO role
  • Strategies CMOs are using to successfully manage these changes
  • Key findings from interviews and survey responses from over 120 CMOs and senior physician executives

Executive Summary

Physician executives key leaders in care transformation efforts

In response to market changes incentivizing cost reduction and quality outcomes, the health care enterprise is changing dramatically. Yesterday’s systems revolved around hospitals, which treated patients with acute illnesses. Tomorrow’s systems encompass the full continuum of care, expanding beyond the hospital to provide patients with ongoing, comprehensive health management.

These new systems increasingly rely on CMOs and senior physician executives to lead enterprise-wide initiatives, such as care coordination and population health management.

Delegation a challenge for many CMOs

According to responses to our 2012 Physician Executive Survey, three years ago, CMOs spent approximately one-third of their time on management responsibilities in the ambulatory setting. Three years from now, they estimate that time to double.

More than 85% of CMOs want to offload some traditional responsibilities—such as quality issues and medical staff affairs—to other physician leaders. However, identifying which responsibilities to prioritize and which to delegate can be challenging, and 37% of CMOs are struggling to juggle their workload.

"My role has expanded dramatically over the years. I need to know what responsibilities I should continue to own and what I should consider outsourcing. Tell me what the most progressive CMOs are doing to keep up."
- Advisory Board CMO member

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Download the paper today to learn strategies your peers are using to effectively manage their new responsibilities. Our appendix includes data from over 120 CMOs and senior physician executives who participated in either an interview or our 2012 survey.

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