Delivering on Value

Positioning Quality for Success in an Evolving Performance-Based Environment

Assess five imperatives to meet today’s growing performance pressures and ensure long-term success in a value-based market.

Executive Summary

Quality intersects with key transformation goals

The prospects of growing risk-based payment, an increasingly difficult economic environment, and expanding performance requirements will require clinical and quality leaders to seek new solutions to long-standing quality challenges.

Performance in these areas—managing quality reporting, engaging physicians and patients, coordinating quality efforts, and leveraging health IT—will have significant implications far beyond the quality function.

Quality now intersects with all key strategic imperatives and will be a crucial element for executing on mission-critical goals.


Reported metrics now impact financial—not just quality—performance

While managing reported metrics has always been a core quality responsibility, there is a new imperative to simultaneously improve performance and safeguard revenues in the growing pay-for-performance environment.

Based on the cumulative impact of three CMS quality programs, 6% of hospital Medicare revenues are projected to be at risk based on performance by 2017.

Physician, patient engagement strategies must be pursued simultaneously

Physicians are in a critical position to inflect both cost and quality performance. In addition, patient engagement remains an under-leveraged strategy. In the first phase of the value-based purchasing program, 30% of payments will be based on performance in key HCAHPS domains. Improving patient-provider interactions and engaging patients and families in care represents a key strategy to improve clinical outcomes and impact broader care transformation goals.

This study offers new tactics to foster a culture of physician partnership and elevate the patient experience.

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Increased integration will define the next level of quality, not just high performance in each care site. To manage across the full continuum of care, providers must re-evaluate traditional quality practices, staffing, and structures. Delivering on Value provides 16 best practices to position quality for success.

By reading this study, members will learn to:

  • Evaluate strategies for safeguarding revenue capture on reported metrics
  • Execute on proven principles for increasing physician engagement and partnership
  • Enhance patient-physician interactions and increase patient and family engagement in care delivery
  • Prioritize key opportunities for creating coordinated, enterprise-level quality strategy and structures
  • Assess practices for leveraging health IT to enhance care quality

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