Are you leading an evidence-based organization?

Four principles for supporting evidence-based practice

Are you leading an evidence-based organization?

Get action steps to implement evidence-based practice at your organization.

In a pilot survey, we posed the following statement to 28 CMOs: "My organization has achieved broad cultural acceptance of evidence-based practice (EBP) across the medical staff." In response, 75% of the CMOs indicated that EBP had achieved some measure of acceptance at their organization.

Yet, despite the shift toward broad acceptance of EBP among medical staff, over half of physicians report not actually using guidelines day-to-day when they are available. As a result, organizations continue to see tremendous variation in clinical practice—as well as in costs and outcomes.

This infographic outlines four principles you can use to support EBP at your organization, along with action steps to implement each one and pitfalls to avoid along the way.


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