Bridging the hospitalist-cardiologist gap

This is an excerpt from the Cardiovascular Roundtable's study, Mastering the Cardiovascular Continuum.

It is common for both hospitalists and cardiologists to treat heart failure patients, and each brings something unique to the table in their care. In fact, there is an ongoing debate among cardiovascular physicians and administrators around the question of which physician specialty is best suited to manage heart failure patients.

Over the past decade, hospitalist programs have grown and expanded. In general, hospitals and cardiologists alike have found efficiency benefits from giving over some of the heart failure patient management to hospitalists.

At many organizations, the default practice is to assign patients admitted through the ED to hospitalists, while patients admitted by cardiologists continue to be managed by that physician. Overall, about a third of inpatient heart failure patients are assigned to cardiologists, while the rest are under hospitalist care.

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