Physician Documentation Improvement Toolkit

The transition to ICD-10, value-based purchasing, and emerging public quality metrics make accurate documentation more critical than ever. That’s why over 80% of hospitals have a clinical documentation program in place and are working to correct inaccurate documentation. 

However, most are investing significant resources in a strategy that focuses on querying rather than sustainable changes in physician behavior. This leaves a lot of money on the table—a 250-bed hospital with superior documentation performance captures $5 million in revenue in a single year over average-performing peers.

Organizations need to shift course and focus on preventing initial documentation errors from happening. This requires making a compelling case to physicians to change their habits—and showing what’s in it for them. Since physicians are most receptive when this information comes from a peer, physician champions are instrumental to any organization’s CDI strategy.

To support physician champions in this critical role, we've developed a toolkit with strategic and project management resources that map to the four key steps physician champions must execute to advance documentation improvement:

1. Get Smart on Your Documentation Strategy
2. Identify Your Greatest Opportunities
3. Offer Global and One-on-One Training
4. Prepare for ICD-10

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