Prescription for Change

Interviews and insights for the physician executive team

Not sure where to focus your care standardization efforts? Start here.

by Maria Restuccio and Sarah Evans July 8, 2020

Before the Covid-19 epidemic, care variation reduction (CVR) was a mainstay on the C-suite agenda for its potential to drive cost savings and improve care quality at the same time. Now, both mandates are even more acute. Clinical executives are under tremendous pressure to find clinical cost savings, while working with a public and a clinical workforce that is increasingly sensitive to clinical safety and quality. In response, hospitals and health systems are recommitting to their CVR strategy.  

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You promised a telehealth revolution after Covid-19. Don't backslide now.

by Rachel Woods July 1, 2020

In addition to hosting our podcast, Radio Advisory, my role at Advisory Board allows me to converse with health care executives across the country—and since Covid-19 hit, nearly every single one of those conversations has involved telehealth. But watching how this conversation has evolved from the start of this crisis to where we are today—and where we'll go in the future—has raised a critical, uncomfortable question: If leaders should never let a crisis go to waste, why would we allow this moment—when we are literally still in a crisis—to allow ourselves to backslide to the "normal" way practicing medicine?

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How Sharp Rees-Stealy deployed digital consults to boost specialty care access

by Gillian Hughes and Eliza Campbell June 29, 2020

Despite their investments in access expansion, most physician organizations continue to struggle to improve access to specialty care.

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Q&A: How LCMC Health revamped patient communication to drive better outcomes

by Prianca Pai and Taylor Hurst June 24, 2020

*Editor's note: Patient communication has been an ongoing research topic for the Physician Executive Council, but it has renewed importance amid Covid-19. During this uncertain time, patient communication is more important than ever due to the apprehension and fear patients are feeling as they return to in-person care. While this interview was conducted pre-Covid, these patient communication strategies can support your organization today.

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The Polyclinic expanded its staffing to see 25x as many patients—overnight. Here's how.

by Eliza Campbell June 18, 2020

When the new coronavirus epidemic first struck, many organizations were unprepared to quickly pivot their legacy care team models to respond to an influx of Covid-19 patients. As physician executives look to the future, it's clear that change will be constant, and organizations that adopt agile approaches to staffing will be better prepared to weather future surges.

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One surgery group's easy-to-use tool to evaluate patient risk amid Covid-19

by Taylor Hurst and Virginia Reid June 9, 2020

As Covid-19 cases subside, many health care organizations have started to bring scheduled surgeries back online. But the big question facing providers is: Which procedures are safe to move forward with and which should they postpone?

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'A profound effect': Cleveland Clinic's Chief of Medical Operations on how Covid-19 is reshaping care delivery

by Taylor Hurst and Virginia Hite June 8, 2020

Cleveland Clinic Chief of Medical Operations Robert Wyllie, MD, recently spoke with Advisory Board's Taylor Hurst and Virginia Hite about the health system's collaborative response to the Covid-19 epidemic and explained why now is not the time to ease up on Covid-19 response plans—or social distancing guidelines.

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Q&A: How Novant Health is harnessing real-time data to safely reopen

Steven Berkow, JD June 5, 2020

Eric Eskioglu serves as CMO of Novant Health, a four-state integrated care network with over 640 locations. He recently met virtually with Steven Berkow, Advisory Board's Vice President of Provider Research, to discuss his health system's use of advanced analytics in responding to Covid-19 and the biggest changes facing the industry in a post-Covid world. 

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