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The best of the Physician Executive Council in 2018

by Taylor Hurst and Virginia Hite November 30, 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, it's the perfect time to reflect on the past year of research from the Physician Executive Council. In case you missed them, here's a sampling of the resources our members found most valuable this year.

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Three questions to identify—and retain—physicians who have one foot out the door

by Taylor Hurst and Virginia Hite October 19, 2018

For hospitals and health systems facing looming physician shortages, retaining current physician talent is just as important as recruiting new talent—especially given the staggering six-figures it costs organizations to replace one departing physician. The challenge is: It's often difficult to spot the physicians who are most at risk of turnover and intervene in time to retain them.

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Emory cut sepsis mortality from 13% to 8% and saved millions in the process. Here's how.

by Taylor Hurst and Dylan Jennings August 17, 2018

Sepsis care is all about speed; there is a critical link between early intervention and survival. The challenge is that sepsis cases are notoriously difficult to diagnose accurately, and logistical complexity can cause delays to timely treatment.

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Trying to engage your physicians with limited resources? Here's how to prioritize.

by Jennifer Stewart and Gabbie DeCuir July 27, 2018

Last fall, we asked CMOs across our membership to share their top priorities for the coming year. Among both system and facility leaders, a single issue rose to the #1 spot: physician engagement. This comes as no surprise, given the positive impact that strong physician engagement has on provider burnout, patient experience, care quality, and organizational costs.

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4 steps you may be missing to engage newly hired physicians

by Mack Kelly and Jennifer Stewart June 15, 2018

Employment is now a prominent physician partnership strategy, but we're failing to engage our new physician hires—and it's costing us. One-quarter of new physician hires leave within the first three years, each costing upwards of $400,000 to replace.

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Looking to increase physician adherence to care standards? Ask for feedback.

by Jennifer Stewart and Katherine Diller April 9, 2018

Editor's note: This story was updated on July 11, 2018.

Health care organizations across the country struggle with non-adherence to clinical standards. There are several steps you can take to drive adherence, including financial and non-financial incentives, additional education, and changing the standard when appropriate. However, the first step to addressing non-adherence is understanding why physicians aren't following the standard. Leading organizations proactively seek this information so they can appropriately address the causes of nonadherence as soon as possible.

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How MetroHealth reduced alert firing by almost 60%—and how you can, too

by Jenn Stewart and Bryan Miller January 31, 2018

Clinicians and hospital leaders across the country recognize that low-value, interruptive alerts are a problem. Unfortunately, the conventional wisdom for solving this problem is to remove alerts one at a time—an approach that is both resource- and time-intensive. 

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