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Bringing 'sepsy back': Our favorite homemade health care videos

by Gabbie DeCuir

Are your attempts at communicating with physicians falling flat? Some organizations are breaking through the monotony of email with creative (and hilarious) videos. Though videos are a more resource-intensive communication method, when executed well, they can be a very effective tool to convey important messages to physicians and hospital employees.

Here are four of our favorite homemade health care videos. First and foremost, these videos are entertaining (trust us, you won’t be disappointed). But they also effectively deliver important information to their target audience. Watch the videos below!

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1. Sepsy Back: This video from Kern Medical Center promotes sepsis awareness and the use of SIRS criteria for diagnosing septic patients.

2. Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Code Sepsis: Wake Forest Baptist Health’s sepsis video takes a more serious tone. When health system leaders set out to revolutionize their sepsis care program, they started by inspiring staff with this two-minute video.

3. Flu Fighters Shake It Off: Beth Israel Deaconess’ rendition of Taylor Swift’s hit song ‘Shake It Off’ encourages employees to get their flu vaccinations. The video features 125 staff members, including the CEO, and was emailed out to 10,000 employees.

4. Readmissions: While this video from the prolific ZDoggMD is for entertainment value rather than advancing an organization’s message, enjoy his comedic take on readmissions.

If you’re inspired by these videos and want to make your own, check out this guide on how to make a successful video.

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