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The CMO Reading List: April 2015

Interested in what other physician executives are reading to keep up-to-date on the latest industry news, physician trends, and clinical innovations?

To give you insight into just that, we’re launching a monthly CMO Reading List. We’ll be publishing a curated list of top articles and resources—you can link to the original piece or read our short, digestible overview.

We’ll be sharing the “best of” from the following topics:

  • The most important shifts in the industry that every physician leader should know about
  • Thoughtful opinion pieces on current physician-related topics
  • Breakthrough study findings from leading clinical publications
  • The latest resources from the Physician Executive Council, specifically curated for the CMO

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Here’s the inaugural CMO Reading List for March 2015:

1. “Hospital Governance and the Quality of Care”
Health Affairs, March 2015.

What is the role of the hospital or health system board in ensuring and promoting clinical quality and safety? According to some provocative research by Ashish Jha and Arnold Epstein, fewer than half of hospital board members identified “quality” as one of their top two priorities.

2. “Many Patients Would Like To Hide Some Of Their Medical Histories From Their Doctors”
Fast Company, 27 February, 2015

Who owns a patient’s health history? What happens when a patient wishes for certain components of his or her history to remain confidential, even from their doctors? One recent survey found that 49% of patients wanted to withhold at least some information from their general health history; 4% wanted to withhold all of it.

3. "Atul Gawande: Healthcare is massively better today because of doctors, not technology”
Quartz, 24 February 2015

Fascinating dialogue between Atul Gawande and Bob Wachter focusing on the importance of physician leadership to innovation in health care. Both physicians believe that intangibles, like values, matter more than technology when it comes to improving quality in health care.

4. “How to Advance Evidence-Based Practice at Your Organization"
Physician Executive Council, November 2014

A summary of the Physician Executive Council’s recent research on minimizing care variation, this white paper also provides guidance on additional membership resources that CMOs might find useful. This topic is one of the most requested by the membership at large, and represents a compelling point of view as to the importance that these efforts have for the system as a whole.

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